Jun 24, 2008

Youth for Peace

Dear Participant.

Thank you for taking part in "Peace Building & Conflict Resolution" Online Forum, this Online Forum is open for every student/participant to share his/her suggestion and idea about "Peace Building and Conflict Resolution"

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Eng Azizullah Habibi said...

Dear All Hello Welcome to Discussion
How to Resolve and Manage Conflicts
and How we car bring Peace in our country?

Sardarwali said...

Dear All Hello,welcome to online discussion that is about Conflict resolution,paece building.

Sardarwali :Student of JAAILC/Afghanistan

Gulmeer said...

Dear All i have one question about peace how we can conflict resolution in Afghanistan in this satuation,

Gulmeer :Student of JAAILC/Afghanistan

Karim said...

peace is development, peace is brightness, peace is brotherhood and so on but these things are not here in Afghanist how we can bring these things to Afghanistan.

Karim:Student of JAAILC/Afghanistan

Maiwand said...

Dear sir regarding your kind question how we can bring peace in our country
it is easy and simple you know how :
If we remove conflict between Afghans societies peace will come.

Maiwand -GCE-JAAILC -Afghanistan

Ziarmal watan dost said...

Dear Gulmeer brother first of all thanks from your question : you have question that how we resolve conflict ? it is not critical for people if they have unity and afghans' people thinking that how they remove conflict they can , also they can resolve conflict by Jarga " nigotiation" consulting and so on .

Ziar mal -students of JAAILC -Afghanistan

Sardar said...

Hello Gulmeer jan regarding the answer of your question i can mention some way of conflict resolution and bringing peace in our sweet country:

Sardarwali -Jalalabad ILC Student

Azatullah sahil said...

hi this is Sahil from Tajrobabvi boys high school:
Dear Afghans'please come and bring peace to our sweet country that
Peace is happiness, peace is love, peace is a light and peace is unity, peace is a word that takes a human from darkness to light. Let’s start or discus about it
Azatullah sahil-JAAILC Student

Ahmad Gul said...

salam to all
Peace is a very sweet word for all people of the world not just for muslin, Christian and for other peoples. If in a country not be a peace there won’t be security, stability, prosperity and justice and any thing else as well if in a country not be security it’s country school doors and university doors will be closed against of people life every day people killed in different casualty like suicide attack, roadside bomb and by some thing else. I guess peace is very important for peoples and for government.
Ahmad Gul Jalalabad ILC student-GCEP

Faisal anwary said...

Thank you sahil and Ahmad gul i am agree with your nice ideas about peace it is true without peace there is no life in the world.

Faisal Anwary-JAAILC Student

samsoor said...

Hello to all brothers and sisters!
There are some factors that causes the conflict:
·Not respecting to our leaders’ advice
·If we have a little knowledge we pretend ourselves higher than others
·Seeing to others by contempt eye
·Economical problems
I think when we omit such factors so there will not be the confliction.

Rahat from Relief Internataional JAAILC

samsoor rahat said...

The resolution of conflicts related to the leader of home/community who has knowledge if everyone is busy with his/her work or job they don’t have time to conflict, so I mean that if government make the facilities for people to work there wont be any kind of conflicts.

Rahat from Relief Internataional JAAILC

Zakera said...

If there is every kind of conflict first of all we must have the patience and we must satisfied the opposite side of the confliction if we don’t have patience and knowledge to figure out we can go to the judgment house.

Zakear JAAILC Relief International

Mohammad.Faisal Anwary said...

Hello dear all.i have a question about Peace.What is peace? And why the people like peace?

Ahmad gul said...

Dear M.faisal
peace is life you know why people like peace therefore everything save in peace

Ahmad gul
Jalalabad ILC student

Mohammad.Faisal Anwary said...

I have question about conflict.
Why the people of Afghanistan conflict between each other’s ? And what is the Reason ?

Mohammad.Faisal Anwary said...

So dear friend's
wish you all the best
have a nice time
Continue your comments

Shabana said...

Is there any simple rule about conflict resolution and peace building if you know tell us some simple examples

Shaban:student of JAAILC/Afghanistan

samsoor said...

conflicts are common in Afghanistan, in a community different things causes the conflict e.g. there is relational conflict between two brothers by the heritage of their father, the resolution of such conflicts is not fighting but main resolution is that to make the peace between these two sides.


sasmoor rahat said...

If there is respecting and unity between our communities so there will not be such conflicts and we can remove the relational, personality conflicts by nity

samsoor Rahat JAAILC center

Azizudin said...

if the government wants to bring the peace in the country the government must prepare works facilities for the people .

Azizudin:student of TTC JAAILC/Afghanistan

An Afghan Child said...

We always hope for Peace but unfortunatly we didn't the exact face of Peace yet. Why the world is just playing with us... Who supports Taliban???????, This is very clear that a very strong power who is playing with Afghanistan by deferent name is supporting Taliban.... on 20th July 08 I lost my two friends while travling from Kabul to Jalalabad, on the road Taliban put an Oil track on fire while the were passing the road the track exploded. I lost to assests of my country.... this is a very big lost for us, Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Is it defficult for US to bring peace in our country... No if they want they can bring peace in one day in our country but they never tried for this...

The bomb explosion infront of India Embassy, who is blamed for this?????????????????????

I can finally say that we will never see peace in our country unless the US wants real peace in our country.

Best. M. SH

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