Sep 24, 2007

Youth for Peace

Kabul Internet Learning Center Youth Group writes about Youth for Peace:

Peace in a country is important peace in a country effect on youth

If we see in Afghanistan during 20 years it effect a lot on youth they are not improved well such us other countries but now when we have peace in our country we can see some butter condition for youth

Actually peace is necessary for every one in the world every one need for peace chilled youth man women.

The youth hood is the season of energy and capability it is the best period of life, the period when we are strong and energetic, patient, fresh mined, and perseverant .

This period is very conducive when we are determined and armful , of course if we don’t exploit the young hood and waste it we certainly can not find it again and the result will be just pity and regret .

The young generation constitutes the main port of a society in deed they are the constructive forces who lead the society toward development and progress.

The young play a role in both material and intellectual building of a society.

They are indeed the iron pillars in a human community.

The progress of a country does not only mean having the tall buildings, wide streets and beautiful nature.

But also having the armful and talented young who actually from the intellectual properties of society the obligation that young have in a society is remarkable, these are young who consolidate the human forces and fortify the economy and also it is responsibility for young.

How can bring peace in our society?

A Muslim person has to respect to each other why. Because Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said I have raised up to complete the virtues of morals. it means the time one can us and to the high dignity of humanity to practice the Ethel criteria and he or she can be quite successful when gets self mastery so hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) dislikes arrogance and pride and the best peace is in all of the world just Islam religion . When ever a person to knows a best Islamic rule and about peace in society carefully.

I requested a student about Islamic procedure ok.

And piety is very important for students. We like peace year from Allah because it is formul belongs to peace and young.


All of the youths want peace. Without peace they can not live and without peace they can not study well and they can not help to their country in those countries which they have peace their youths can work well and study well and after that they can help to their country and we want to be our country peaceful.

Peace is a holy and honesty words which all the people of society could wish with ideals of human in the area of mutual understanding and symbiosis peaceful bring instant of victory.

Experience shows those countries past duration of peace and democracy.

They improved, blossomed and their people made prosperous.

Our country Afghanistan which bear invasion of aggressive Russian more then two decade’s war.

They need and insistent to peace this peace from where we should find?

This peace we can reliance in power of afghan nation.

Especially youth section which they have responsibility of this war ravage country.

The present condition of our country is a golden time that we should make it and blossomed it because rich countries got hand of brother to our country.

Now we look damaged places which were damaged during the war they are emitting and build such as making of roads, organizations and all the constructions damaged they reconstruct and amend by people.

In this case our youths use from peace cleverly and reconstruct their country.

So that peace with out youths can not stand in perfecting.

Thank u

Kabul ILC Youth Tem

Best regards

Shafie Ahmad Kabul ILC manager

Jalalabad Internet Learning Center Youth Group writes about Youth for Peace:

Youth for Peace

Peace is happiness, peace is love, peace is a light and peace is unity, peace is a word that takes a human from darkness to light. Let’s start or discus about it, that how could we name to peace happiness, love and a light. Actually it is very common or general word and important too. That we give the word of peace meaning of happiness, love, light and union or taking from darkness to light. Probably you have several times seen or maybe you have several times heard from people of every parts of world. That it is exactly or absolutely right or has trust, that peace is happiness, a love alights and so on. So it is just and just hard for as to confidence to our self or heart, that peace is happiness, love, light and so on. But it is easily for those who know exactly by expectation, worth and meaning of this word, and also they can easily confidence to their self and heart, that peace is a word of happiness, a love, alight and so on. Let me or let’s to bright this word of peace that how could we named to peace happiness, love, a light or taking from darkness to light. Perhaps you have hear or seen from Radios, People, TV, News paper, Magazine, Books, and visual, that they said and say “If in a country is peace there is happiness, there is loving, there is light, there will be every things there will be any kinds of facility for human. Therefore if a county doesn’t have peace there won’t be happiness there won’t be love there won’t be light in that country and there won’t be enough facility for them to they easily have the bed and easily wake up. Also as I hear from people that they said “Peace is a stability and prosperity for people of the country who live in. so I am hundred by hundred percent agree with them, that peace is a stability and prosperity for people of the country who live in and also I do appreciate of those who submit this idea to us and thanks from them too. But what I say about peace, the stopping of fight, the stopping of suicide attack, the stopping of kidnapping people, and killing of innocent people is every things, such as stability, prosperity, happiness, loving, light, union security and that thing which is related to life and peace. Also peace is and elements for education, for development and for the youth of a society. So this is the prosperity of peace that now a days our children and youth left the dreaming of the day and started walking toward of alight it means toward of education toward of promotion toward of a new life such like now. Peace is a very sweetest word than anything else peace is as like a mother as like a father. Therefore one more thing, which I have in my mind, what is benefits of peace in Afghanistan? What are benefits of peace according to Islam field? What are benefits of peace according to education? What are benefits of peace according to youth field? Let me to I bright these questions by a few words? Peace has a lot’s of benefits in Afghanistan according to Islam field according to education fields and according to youth fields, one of the greatest and largest benefit of peace in Afghanistan is living of people in secure situation also this is one of the largest benefit of peace that we afghan live in our own home in spending our life time in it. Also it is the word of happiness that we afghan brothers and sisters see each other in share our sympathies with each other it is the blessing of what it is blessing of peace that we afghan brothers and sisters living to gather with each other and lift the dreaming of the day and start walking toward of prosperity and light so this is one of the world of proud or amazing that Muslim society is now stand by their feet by helping of peace because if we thing about the previous security situation of Afghanistan so bad then we will easily understand by exact thing that how was the previous situation and security of Afghanistan and also how is the situation and security of Afghanistan now perhaps then every body will understand easily that a word of peace is a sweetest word then any other words there is a lot of benefit and our own beloved country Afghanistan one of the most important benefit of peace is that if peace be in our country there will be stability, prosperity, brother ship, friend ship ever thing that is fair for human so if the country be away from the word of peace nothing will be there without fighting and ignorance.

The best capital and wealth for a country is youths that can push a country for the promotion and civilization, therefore more important things that can encourage the youths the freedom and peaceful area therefore the lucky nation is that which has peace for the youth.

I want to mention that how is peace important for a country and for the world so …

If there is peace in a country that can promote easily in different part such as: education, economical and culturally. Therefore now if a country wants to improve itself in the world the most it need peace in it. In peace everyone can work safe and able to service for him/herself or for their family and the most can service for the country and in addition can get knowledge very safe without occurring any problems.

So now if a nation wish to be in peace and to have good live so they must bring peace first to their country and than can have live except any risk.

Not that WHO can bring peace in country I mean there is different kinds of people in a country such as (youth” male/female”, old people and children) so the most responsibility have youth about bringing peace into a nation. Because they are powerful and stronger then the oldest and children and they are so creative too.

They should encourage their other brothers and sisters to get knowledge and understand them that what are the advantages of knowledge and education to get and what can they do I mean (knowledge and education) in a country. They may probably understand that they can bring peace in our country. If we get education we may have safe live because education is the chief defiance of a country.

At the end we have our usual reason for all world youth especially for Afghan youth to work hard get knowledge and to bring peace to their country and their society, day and night work for the development of their destroyed country and encourage other Youth for the promotion and getting peace and I can easily say youth can bring Peace and make the condition from bad to good.

With Best Regards


Taloqan Internet Learning Center Youth Group writes about Youth for Peace:

Youth for Pace

As we know the youths are one of the Powerful elements of each community.

Youths can take active contribution in Education system, construction, security and all of necessary things of their community.

So we can say without youths we can't do any useful things for our community.

It would be better for us to make good chance for this very important element to improve their knowledge.

How youths can improve?

When ever in current situation the youths have access to the new technology like computer and internet, they can share their ideas with other youths from difference community, and they change their ideas with them.

Afghanistan youths have suffered during 2decades war in their country. In this time first of all they need for pace, when we have pace we can find jobs for the youths, we can prevent from cultivation and using they poppy.
If there is no pace and no job for youths we have a sick community.

If we have a community with experienced and knowledge youths I think we have pace and we have a secure country.
And it our nation proud to have like this youths.

Prepared by : Taloqan ILC youths
22 September 2007

Thank You,