Nov 5, 2007

International Education Week IEW

Celebrating Education week: Improving lives through Education

The United nation’s Millennium Development Goal (MDG) for education set the objective to be achieved in education internationally by 2015- education for all. Under Articles 43 through 47 of its Constitution, Afghanistan is committed to provide quality education for all regardless of gender, ethnicity, language, religion, age, physical ability and geographical location.

And, as a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Afghan government is committed to the promotion and protection of it’s children’ right to education. The assurance of this right will be guaranteed only if education is available, accessible and adaptable.

Since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, great strides have been made toward reconstructing education infrastructure in Afghanistan and insuring that all children have excess to education.
More then six million children have enrolled in primary school in the last five years-a remarkable achievement, particularly for a country devastated by almost three decades years of conflict.

While much has been accomplished in this short period, a great deal of work remains. Government statistics show that Afghan children are enrolling in the first grade in great numbers, however, these statistics show that students are dropping out of school as well. Thus the challenge is not only get children into school, but to keep them enrolled. In 1384 (2005), the Ministry of Education estimates that almost 4,895,000 school-age children and adolescents were enrolled in school; in 1386 (2007), this figure reached 6 million. Consistently girls made up an average of one-third of students in grades 1-12. However, figures also reveal that those who enroll do not necessarily remain to continue their education. Nationally, the number of fourth grades enrolled in school in 2005 was 988,928; of these, 323,212 were girls.
However, just two years later this same group of students numbered only 648,359- a 28% decline.
These figures are of serious concern.
Why are children dropping out of school?
Are they forced to abandon their studies due to security issues?
Are they unsatisfied with the quality of education they are receiving?
Are an adequate number of teachers, school facilities and supplies available to all, including disabled students?

At this forum we would like to hear your concerns (children, parents, and teachers) and to help you to share your ideas and your information with those shaping the education system in Afghanistan: the Afghan government, international donors, local and international NGO’s and all interested parties.

You can find more info related to this subject in different researches, articles, briefing papers and interviews, some of them below: “Parents and Children Speak out. Is government provided basic education fulfilling children’s rights?”, HRRAC, October 2007; “looking Beyond the School Walls: Household Decision-Making and School Enrolment in Afghanistan”. AREU briefing paper, March 2006; and etc.

Below are some comments of girls and boys, their parents from different parts of Afghanistan:

“As we all know that security plays a basic role in education- if there is no security it means there is no education.” Male student in the 12 grade
“The discrimination between girls and boys should be banned. Most families give less importance to girls in favor of boys- this culture should be eradicated.” A girl from Heart city
“ My suggestion is that the teacher shuld come on time and teach the lessons.’ Girl from Kadahar Province
“What does it say that at the center of Kabul city, most students in tents and sit on the soil?” A man from Kabul city
“I started weaving rugs when I was ten. When we first came to Kabul from Iran we had terrible life. Farther said to weave rugs and I did, but now I’m so tired of this work. I weave from 6am until 5pm…I’m not going to school because I’, busy every day in weaving rugs. I’d really like to go, but my farther doesn’t let me…” 14-years-old girl, Kabul City

“…I wish my children to have a comfortable life in the future. And when people mention my name and say that my children are literate, it will make me very happy.” Mother, rural Belcharagh

Sep 24, 2007

Youth for Peace

Kabul Internet Learning Center Youth Group writes about Youth for Peace:

Peace in a country is important peace in a country effect on youth

If we see in Afghanistan during 20 years it effect a lot on youth they are not improved well such us other countries but now when we have peace in our country we can see some butter condition for youth

Actually peace is necessary for every one in the world every one need for peace chilled youth man women.

The youth hood is the season of energy and capability it is the best period of life, the period when we are strong and energetic, patient, fresh mined, and perseverant .

This period is very conducive when we are determined and armful , of course if we don’t exploit the young hood and waste it we certainly can not find it again and the result will be just pity and regret .

The young generation constitutes the main port of a society in deed they are the constructive forces who lead the society toward development and progress.

The young play a role in both material and intellectual building of a society.

They are indeed the iron pillars in a human community.

The progress of a country does not only mean having the tall buildings, wide streets and beautiful nature.

But also having the armful and talented young who actually from the intellectual properties of society the obligation that young have in a society is remarkable, these are young who consolidate the human forces and fortify the economy and also it is responsibility for young.

How can bring peace in our society?

A Muslim person has to respect to each other why. Because Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) said I have raised up to complete the virtues of morals. it means the time one can us and to the high dignity of humanity to practice the Ethel criteria and he or she can be quite successful when gets self mastery so hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) dislikes arrogance and pride and the best peace is in all of the world just Islam religion . When ever a person to knows a best Islamic rule and about peace in society carefully.

I requested a student about Islamic procedure ok.

And piety is very important for students. We like peace year from Allah because it is formul belongs to peace and young.


All of the youths want peace. Without peace they can not live and without peace they can not study well and they can not help to their country in those countries which they have peace their youths can work well and study well and after that they can help to their country and we want to be our country peaceful.

Peace is a holy and honesty words which all the people of society could wish with ideals of human in the area of mutual understanding and symbiosis peaceful bring instant of victory.

Experience shows those countries past duration of peace and democracy.

They improved, blossomed and their people made prosperous.

Our country Afghanistan which bear invasion of aggressive Russian more then two decade’s war.

They need and insistent to peace this peace from where we should find?

This peace we can reliance in power of afghan nation.

Especially youth section which they have responsibility of this war ravage country.

The present condition of our country is a golden time that we should make it and blossomed it because rich countries got hand of brother to our country.

Now we look damaged places which were damaged during the war they are emitting and build such as making of roads, organizations and all the constructions damaged they reconstruct and amend by people.

In this case our youths use from peace cleverly and reconstruct their country.

So that peace with out youths can not stand in perfecting.

Thank u

Kabul ILC Youth Tem

Best regards

Shafie Ahmad Kabul ILC manager

Jalalabad Internet Learning Center Youth Group writes about Youth for Peace:

Youth for Peace

Peace is happiness, peace is love, peace is a light and peace is unity, peace is a word that takes a human from darkness to light. Let’s start or discus about it, that how could we name to peace happiness, love and a light. Actually it is very common or general word and important too. That we give the word of peace meaning of happiness, love, light and union or taking from darkness to light. Probably you have several times seen or maybe you have several times heard from people of every parts of world. That it is exactly or absolutely right or has trust, that peace is happiness, a love alights and so on. So it is just and just hard for as to confidence to our self or heart, that peace is happiness, love, light and so on. But it is easily for those who know exactly by expectation, worth and meaning of this word, and also they can easily confidence to their self and heart, that peace is a word of happiness, a love, alight and so on. Let me or let’s to bright this word of peace that how could we named to peace happiness, love, a light or taking from darkness to light. Perhaps you have hear or seen from Radios, People, TV, News paper, Magazine, Books, and visual, that they said and say “If in a country is peace there is happiness, there is loving, there is light, there will be every things there will be any kinds of facility for human. Therefore if a county doesn’t have peace there won’t be happiness there won’t be love there won’t be light in that country and there won’t be enough facility for them to they easily have the bed and easily wake up. Also as I hear from people that they said “Peace is a stability and prosperity for people of the country who live in. so I am hundred by hundred percent agree with them, that peace is a stability and prosperity for people of the country who live in and also I do appreciate of those who submit this idea to us and thanks from them too. But what I say about peace, the stopping of fight, the stopping of suicide attack, the stopping of kidnapping people, and killing of innocent people is every things, such as stability, prosperity, happiness, loving, light, union security and that thing which is related to life and peace. Also peace is and elements for education, for development and for the youth of a society. So this is the prosperity of peace that now a days our children and youth left the dreaming of the day and started walking toward of alight it means toward of education toward of promotion toward of a new life such like now. Peace is a very sweetest word than anything else peace is as like a mother as like a father. Therefore one more thing, which I have in my mind, what is benefits of peace in Afghanistan? What are benefits of peace according to Islam field? What are benefits of peace according to education? What are benefits of peace according to youth field? Let me to I bright these questions by a few words? Peace has a lot’s of benefits in Afghanistan according to Islam field according to education fields and according to youth fields, one of the greatest and largest benefit of peace in Afghanistan is living of people in secure situation also this is one of the largest benefit of peace that we afghan live in our own home in spending our life time in it. Also it is the word of happiness that we afghan brothers and sisters see each other in share our sympathies with each other it is the blessing of what it is blessing of peace that we afghan brothers and sisters living to gather with each other and lift the dreaming of the day and start walking toward of prosperity and light so this is one of the world of proud or amazing that Muslim society is now stand by their feet by helping of peace because if we thing about the previous security situation of Afghanistan so bad then we will easily understand by exact thing that how was the previous situation and security of Afghanistan and also how is the situation and security of Afghanistan now perhaps then every body will understand easily that a word of peace is a sweetest word then any other words there is a lot of benefit and our own beloved country Afghanistan one of the most important benefit of peace is that if peace be in our country there will be stability, prosperity, brother ship, friend ship ever thing that is fair for human so if the country be away from the word of peace nothing will be there without fighting and ignorance.

The best capital and wealth for a country is youths that can push a country for the promotion and civilization, therefore more important things that can encourage the youths the freedom and peaceful area therefore the lucky nation is that which has peace for the youth.

I want to mention that how is peace important for a country and for the world so …

If there is peace in a country that can promote easily in different part such as: education, economical and culturally. Therefore now if a country wants to improve itself in the world the most it need peace in it. In peace everyone can work safe and able to service for him/herself or for their family and the most can service for the country and in addition can get knowledge very safe without occurring any problems.

So now if a nation wish to be in peace and to have good live so they must bring peace first to their country and than can have live except any risk.

Not that WHO can bring peace in country I mean there is different kinds of people in a country such as (youth” male/female”, old people and children) so the most responsibility have youth about bringing peace into a nation. Because they are powerful and stronger then the oldest and children and they are so creative too.

They should encourage their other brothers and sisters to get knowledge and understand them that what are the advantages of knowledge and education to get and what can they do I mean (knowledge and education) in a country. They may probably understand that they can bring peace in our country. If we get education we may have safe live because education is the chief defiance of a country.

At the end we have our usual reason for all world youth especially for Afghan youth to work hard get knowledge and to bring peace to their country and their society, day and night work for the development of their destroyed country and encourage other Youth for the promotion and getting peace and I can easily say youth can bring Peace and make the condition from bad to good.

With Best Regards


Taloqan Internet Learning Center Youth Group writes about Youth for Peace:

Youth for Pace

As we know the youths are one of the Powerful elements of each community.

Youths can take active contribution in Education system, construction, security and all of necessary things of their community.

So we can say without youths we can't do any useful things for our community.

It would be better for us to make good chance for this very important element to improve their knowledge.

How youths can improve?

When ever in current situation the youths have access to the new technology like computer and internet, they can share their ideas with other youths from difference community, and they change their ideas with them.

Afghanistan youths have suffered during 2decades war in their country. In this time first of all they need for pace, when we have pace we can find jobs for the youths, we can prevent from cultivation and using they poppy.
If there is no pace and no job for youths we have a sick community.

If we have a community with experienced and knowledge youths I think we have pace and we have a secure country.
And it our nation proud to have like this youths.

Prepared by : Taloqan ILC youths
22 September 2007

Thank You,

Aug 27, 2007

Jalalabad - Internet Learning Center

Internet (International Networking)

Internet stands for International Networking it means connecting the world. An electronic network of computers that includes nearly every university, government, and research facility in the world. Also included are many commercial sites. It started with four interconnected computers in 1969 and was known as Arpanet and it was a basic wireless connection between people but now a day it is too strong communication things between world’s people. So simply Internet is called: Inter is an international or Global and the Net, is a worldwide system of computer networks, a network of networks in which users at any one-computer can if they have permission, get information from any other computer (and sometimes talk directly to users at other computers). Why Internet is important in the world: It has more importance in the life of human and especially for educated people, If Students, Teachers want to study online, learn online, Teaching online, making of websites, research teaching and studying materials (topics or chapters). And also others people can open news sites and watch video films, searching for historical events, news, historical pictures and some effective information about business and so on they can easily, the most importance of internet is for people who is working in governmental and non-governmental organizations that they want to send and receive emails and chatting for the development of the programs. It is the one medium that is experiencing the most expansion. Over 200 million people have access to the net and it is estimated that over 400 millions people will be on the net by the year 2008, Afghanistan people involve in this mentioned amounts. Today, the Internet is a public, cooperative, and self-sustaining facility accessible to

Hundreds millions of people worldwide. Physically, the Internet uses a portion of the total resources of the currently existing public telecommunication networks. In Afghanistan most of the people (Teachers, Students) use Internet for searching educational materials and some community use internet for seeing news and some historical information and sending emails to their friends and also chatting and the most advantage is for official people that the sending and receiving message between them and also we can say internet is the big searching machine and communication device. Currently In Afghanistan the situation of Internet is going to improvement approximately 30% people are trying to work in internet for communication, online studying and business and for 70% the situation is not good, because in Afghanistan there is no such facility that every people can use internet because of economical problems use of internet per hour payment is 50afghani in net café. Relief International provide facility of internet for some percentage of Afghanistan people in Three provinces such as Kabul, Nangarhar and Takhar I think it is not enough we want from Afghanistan government, national and international organization provide ICT facility such as Internet for teachers and students of university and schools, Like Relief International organization /GCEP project has done. The future of Internet is looking bright for this purpose the people of Afghanistan have interest with internet but it is new technology in Afghanistan there is no facility for All Afghan people, The future of internet will be better incase internet facilities be come increase and the cost per hour be come cheaper and they provide such facilities in schools.
The above we mentioned the Internet is best kind of Technology trough this technology all the world is connected, easily every one can solve their problems trough Internet.
In 100% people of prince just 20% prince know about Internet and the usage of Internet, the most of this 20% persons got education in foreign countries and day by day internet facilities be come increasing in our sweet country Afghanistan and the prince are trying to provide net facilities specially in educational places.
And some of our parents know about Internet and the benefit of Internet they are saying this is the best way that people can promote their education, but some of them who are staying in suburbs they don’t know about the internet they don’t say any thing about because they never seen and facing with this technology, they don’t know and there is not facility that they using computer, so internet is very far thing from them also if we see any things in the world they all have both side and bad effects so If we explain side effect of internet for our parents so they will accept that internet is one of the best facility for people if we explain the bad side of internet to our parents ( if we open bad sites and watch not good pictures and xxx movies ) they never permit to their children’s for using internet.
Those teachers who are in university and some of schools have facility of internet in their university and schools they know something about internet that what is internet, for what we use internet what facilities bring internet to us and for our community and what is the advantage of internet,. More of our teachers use Internet for searching information about their subjects and in additional they are downloading deferent software, lectures, Demos, E_Books and also they can solve any kinds of their problem by Internet. Some of them use Internet for mailing chatting E_learning and so on and the most of our teachers don’t know about Internet because during in their studying period there wasn’t internet facility for them to learn or use internet so just studied their own subject, currently also there is no such facility that they study and improve their knowledge regarding Internet technology
Every thing have two way positive and negative so Internet is also include in these things if some one follow the positive way of Internet it is good we mean that people use internet for Searching information’s, Learning, Studying online, chatting, Reading news, downloading information and some software, Teaching online, online conference, uploading some things and so on it is really good, In the negative way of internet is that bothering of people, check bad sites like xxx sites, attacking of viruses , wasting the time of people for using of some bad sites and watching medias and so on in this time it is bad.

Aug 26, 2007

Taloqan - Internet Learning Center

What is Internet ?
Internet is one of the good things in the life of humans in this modern century .
Today, the Internet is a public, cooperative, and self-sustaining facility accessible to hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Physically, the Internet uses a portion of the total resources of currently existing public telecommunication networks.

Why Internet is important ?
It is the one medium that is experiencing the most expansion. Over 70 million people have access to the net. Globalization. Your potential market will increase expontantially if your company has a presence on the net. Through e-commerce you are able to do business with companies all over the globe with a minimum of bother.

What is Advantages of Internet?
In this time which we have internet we can access to newest information ,communication to other people in round of the worlds, entertainments and many other Facilities for improvement of our Education.
The foremost target of internet has always been the communication. And internet has excelled beyond the expectations .Still; innovations are going on to make it faster, more reliable. By the advent of computer’s Internet, our earth has reduced and has attained the form of a global village.

How Teachers and students use internet ?
The Teachers and students which involved in GCEP program in Takhar province, during the day they searches the information websites to find out new information about the each subjects which they read or Teaches in their schools .
when they found out their information they can take it by flash or some times they prints the important issues and take it to their schools and share with their classmates or their students, in current time TTC Teachers in Takhar Province gives some topics and direct them to use internet for finding the information about it.

How Internet helps us to improve our knowledge?
From internet as mentioned in above we can find new information, can have good communication with people in round of the world by email, phone camera and head phone .
we can exchanges our idea, we can find information about the cultures of each community people improvements, and making the plane for the future
in difference sections of the life, we can take our necessary information from internet without wasting the time, therefore it helps us to improve our knowledge .

Kabul - Internet Learning Center

What is internet ?
Internet is connecting all of country together they can exchange their idea or internet is like modern technology which provide many kind of material for human and it make human work faster in every kind of things it help us, right now most of business are running by internet we can know about our friends relatives or any one who are out side of our country we can contact with them by using email .
Internet is very important for us because it solves our problems like we can fined some information about our work about our subject and more.
If we are doctors we can find some information about some sickness or diseases in internet and specially for student it is very important, student can find their homework from internet by searching in Google and there are a lot of interesting subject that we can find from Google side.
For Afghanistan internet is important because we passed 25 years in battle and now we can find some solution for our country by using internet to get more knowledge but youth can change their country condition.
In Afghanistan internet is very good but unfortunately youth can not use internet well because youth don’t have facilities for internet I mean because of economic problems if we go to internet club it costs mach for us.
Some youth have this faciallies but some of them not use internet for their work and for their school or college just they always use chatting for passing their time it means they are wisting their time I want to request from youth in Afghanistan that they have to use internet for getting more information for their life not only for chatting and wisting their time.
Because when some of their family capture them so they are thinking that the internet is just for using wrong way like one girl which is in ten grade she says we have internet at home but my father don’t let me and my sister to use when I told him I learned internet in Kabul ILC he told me internet is not good for u I told him why it is good for us to get more information about our subject which we are learning at school my father told me that I saw youth how they are using internet .
But teacher says internet is very good facility and chance for all of human for teachers it is very good to use internet because they can find new method for their teaching and can have a good lesson plan from internet
Some families are thinking that internet is good but some families are thinking that internet is bad
And in future internet well be getting better in Afghanistan.

Jul 30, 2007

Youth Condiation in Afghanistan - Nangarhar Province ILC

Youth have more economical problems in Nangarhar province specially educated youth. The government doesn’t take care of them therefore they jobless because the youth start to drunk and also joined with Muggers and terrorists The non-think of Government can create more problems for youth, day by day The problems be come increased in our society this is the case of non promote of the Society.
Currently education projects promote better in schools, courses teach better but the government should make the opportunity of the job for all of educated youths but here isn’t care of education with government and also with organization because the youths education level become down.

Youth are those people which beginning our life real namely remote from phantom and youth are two eyes of a confidence for our family country and world. Though these are male or female both of them have the same right, respect and responsibility also must fluency much for they to estimate sins or regard acquisition of they are which matter of other life of they namely time for they favorable that can fenestration and acquisition of our to win and they can follow courses of English and another language and they can follow computer programs and I wish that they don’t for get country of our area and they respect to their parents
Or composition to children and which word they can do must be though completely. I wish they wont love money they should just work for their country for their people and lives.
In some area of Nangarhar province the biggest problem of the youth is that their parents do not allow them to get education they must work and to get money because they don’t have any resources, so they should work.
And another problem is that if a young live in suburbs so there is no any schools and collages in that area so they come to city and want to educate but in the city here is different amount of collages that youth should pay money for studying and they do not has money to attend the collage so they are remaining of the knowledge
Today in our country Afghanistan condition of youth is not sufficient, youth don’t have education some of them want to learn but enemy of our country don’t let us to get development they burn our school but more youth graduated from university from school but they don’t have any occupation because condition is not good. Afghanistan youth need more and more education but they can’t, because economic is going down. Some of youth in Afghanistan can’t get education because they have economical problem for example. In one of family a father doesn’t have any job he is jobless youth of this house won’t bring food for his family and he leave education and another way some youth have good economic but they don’t want education they merely love with money and they spent his money in luxury. Big problem of youth in Afghanistan this some province no school are there and some of youth like smoked and drudge
When in a society condition of youth is bad that society cannot promotion. Also in afghan society condition of youth is very bad so this society cannot promotion up to that time the condition of education is won’t good, the condition of youth is in the bad situation so the people of Afghanistan lives in very poorly home and poorly condition they cannot study in school and they don’t know that what is knowledge and what is knowledge using for so this kind of youth cannot promotion in the next. If who study in this condition their education position is in less position and when they graduated from high school they cannot study high education in that time another problem they have like home problem school problem’s and etc. when they cannot study high education they find to him self a work to fine money for their house how for his brother and they fire from high education
We mentioned the problems of youth above but I want to explain the youth problems briefly, In Nangarhar the most of youth are facing with different problems such as Education, high Education (university, Technology), Economical, Cultural, Social problems and they have problems in the other side of their life.
We know that all the youth are facing with more problems regarding the Education and other situation of life but they must solve their problems by them selves and make their future better, no one can selves their problems.
Thank you
Jalalabad ILC

Youth Condition in Afghanistan - Kabul Province ILC

Youth in Afghanistan is in a very bad situation according to our village in Kabul city most of youth are jobless they are educated people but they don’t have job if the condition of youth going to be like these it well damage our society.
youth in Afghanistan 18 years or more then 18 years when they graduate from high school they can not work like uneducated if they work like them they feeling shim and they well say why I should work like them coz I spend my 12 years in education if I work like them what is the deferent between him and me .
So they have to site at home and wait for any job according to his or her knowledge
I know one young boy who graduated form high school he applied for job six month but no result came finally he come to bad action and he is starting drags now he have to fine money for drags so any kind of bad action now he can do .
So in our online forms we should give each other our idea and fine some solution for our youth in Afghanistan .

Thank you
Kabul ILC

Afghanistan youth condition - Takhar Province Youth

Afghanis is a country which needs economical social and cultural issues rather than the other countries of world, because all the economical social and cultural bases destroyed during the past years of panic and remore mongering
What I said above really must be determined that certainly Afghanistan has needs in many part, this needs never omit, but we must make ready the youth and new generation including men and women to fight against of this panic
However in which state are the youths? In which place they must reach? And finally what are the basic methods that they are really interested?
According to presenter sights of issues that passing over economical social and cultural depended to ability of the youth in the past or present but we see that this method going on too slowly in Afghanistan .
From other hand there is some issues which prevent the youth for getting knowledge and experiences we can name these sources War Terrorism and extremism threaten Narcotic(smuggling and addiction)
Public poverty and needy No Employment Opportunity (No existence of work arount the country)

From that point if psychical pressures be counted this test will be too long however what I said we can get result from studies of society that we should take first walk of decisive decision for promoting the capacity and ability of young generation
Without it we would be stayed in the fist line
Now we want to summarize the above petition for small sentence, it is that if we want to have a peaceful sophisticated and advance country we should pay more attention for educating the new generation.
At first this responsibility is depended to the government and public-spirited of society

Thank You

By Takhar ILC Youth Group