Jul 30, 2007

Youth Condiation in Afghanistan - Nangarhar Province ILC

Youth have more economical problems in Nangarhar province specially educated youth. The government doesn’t take care of them therefore they jobless because the youth start to drunk and also joined with Muggers and terrorists The non-think of Government can create more problems for youth, day by day The problems be come increased in our society this is the case of non promote of the Society.
Currently education projects promote better in schools, courses teach better but the government should make the opportunity of the job for all of educated youths but here isn’t care of education with government and also with organization because the youths education level become down.

Youth are those people which beginning our life real namely remote from phantom and youth are two eyes of a confidence for our family country and world. Though these are male or female both of them have the same right, respect and responsibility also must fluency much for they to estimate sins or regard acquisition of they are which matter of other life of they namely time for they favorable that can fenestration and acquisition of our to win and they can follow courses of English and another language and they can follow computer programs and I wish that they don’t for get country of our area and they respect to their parents
Or composition to children and which word they can do must be though completely. I wish they wont love money they should just work for their country for their people and lives.
In some area of Nangarhar province the biggest problem of the youth is that their parents do not allow them to get education they must work and to get money because they don’t have any resources, so they should work.
And another problem is that if a young live in suburbs so there is no any schools and collages in that area so they come to city and want to educate but in the city here is different amount of collages that youth should pay money for studying and they do not has money to attend the collage so they are remaining of the knowledge
Today in our country Afghanistan condition of youth is not sufficient, youth don’t have education some of them want to learn but enemy of our country don’t let us to get development they burn our school but more youth graduated from university from school but they don’t have any occupation because condition is not good. Afghanistan youth need more and more education but they can’t, because economic is going down. Some of youth in Afghanistan can’t get education because they have economical problem for example. In one of family a father doesn’t have any job he is jobless youth of this house won’t bring food for his family and he leave education and another way some youth have good economic but they don’t want education they merely love with money and they spent his money in luxury. Big problem of youth in Afghanistan this some province no school are there and some of youth like smoked and drudge
When in a society condition of youth is bad that society cannot promotion. Also in afghan society condition of youth is very bad so this society cannot promotion up to that time the condition of education is won’t good, the condition of youth is in the bad situation so the people of Afghanistan lives in very poorly home and poorly condition they cannot study in school and they don’t know that what is knowledge and what is knowledge using for so this kind of youth cannot promotion in the next. If who study in this condition their education position is in less position and when they graduated from high school they cannot study high education in that time another problem they have like home problem school problem’s and etc. when they cannot study high education they find to him self a work to fine money for their house how for his brother and they fire from high education
We mentioned the problems of youth above but I want to explain the youth problems briefly, In Nangarhar the most of youth are facing with different problems such as Education, high Education (university, Technology), Economical, Cultural, Social problems and they have problems in the other side of their life.
We know that all the youth are facing with more problems regarding the Education and other situation of life but they must solve their problems by them selves and make their future better, no one can selves their problems.
Thank you
Jalalabad ILC

Youth Condition in Afghanistan - Kabul Province ILC

Youth in Afghanistan is in a very bad situation according to our village in Kabul city most of youth are jobless they are educated people but they don’t have job if the condition of youth going to be like these it well damage our society.
youth in Afghanistan 18 years or more then 18 years when they graduate from high school they can not work like uneducated if they work like them they feeling shim and they well say why I should work like them coz I spend my 12 years in education if I work like them what is the deferent between him and me .
So they have to site at home and wait for any job according to his or her knowledge
I know one young boy who graduated form high school he applied for job six month but no result came finally he come to bad action and he is starting drags now he have to fine money for drags so any kind of bad action now he can do .
So in our online forms we should give each other our idea and fine some solution for our youth in Afghanistan .

Thank you
Kabul ILC

Afghanistan youth condition - Takhar Province Youth

Afghanis is a country which needs economical social and cultural issues rather than the other countries of world, because all the economical social and cultural bases destroyed during the past years of panic and remore mongering
What I said above really must be determined that certainly Afghanistan has needs in many part, this needs never omit, but we must make ready the youth and new generation including men and women to fight against of this panic
However in which state are the youths? In which place they must reach? And finally what are the basic methods that they are really interested?
According to presenter sights of issues that passing over economical social and cultural depended to ability of the youth in the past or present but we see that this method going on too slowly in Afghanistan .
From other hand there is some issues which prevent the youth for getting knowledge and experiences we can name these sources War Terrorism and extremism threaten Narcotic(smuggling and addiction)
Public poverty and needy No Employment Opportunity (No existence of work arount the country)

From that point if psychical pressures be counted this test will be too long however what I said we can get result from studies of society that we should take first walk of decisive decision for promoting the capacity and ability of young generation
Without it we would be stayed in the fist line
Now we want to summarize the above petition for small sentence, it is that if we want to have a peaceful sophisticated and advance country we should pay more attention for educating the new generation.
At first this responsibility is depended to the government and public-spirited of society

Thank You

By Takhar ILC Youth Group